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We Specialize in Bird Photography Workshops and Bird Photography Education


Tim Boyer Photography Workshops have some of the smallest group sizes in the industry.  Most of the workshops only have three or four people in them. This means you will learn more, get on the birds sooner, and create better images. These workshops offer a more intimate learning, and bird photography experience for each participant. These workshops aren’t for everyone, they are for the bird photographer that either wants to learn more about bird photography or to photograph bird species most large workshops don’t cover. 

About the Workshops

Each workshop is designed for in-the-field instruction, where you'll shoot, review images, learn and improve your skills. For all multiple day workshops, there are image review sessions and post-processing workflow sessions. Workshops are lead by Tim Boyer a graduate of Seattle Audubon's Master Birder Program and published professional photographer. Sites and locations are specifically selected to maximize your learning time. Less waiting. More practice. Better Images!

Personalized Expert Instruction

Personalized instruction along with group instruction and image review all combine so you improve quickly.  Workshop sizes are very small, so you'll learn as much as possible about your camera, nature photography, birds and specific ways to improve your photography.  Class ratios vary between 1:3 to 1:6. 

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 Dunlin during a winter sunset, Ocean Shores, WA.

Dunlin during a winter sunset, Ocean Shores, WA.