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  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Black Oystercatcher
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Bird photography workshops by a photographer and birder. (Tim teaches shorebird identification classes for Audubon chapters.) Read more about the workshop below, then choose one to dive into the wonderful world of bird photography.

Northern Cardinal Jumping Down Cholla Cactus-4069

Sonoran Desert Birds - SE AZ - Four days of photography, 9 shooting sessions! Four morning sessions in photo blinds (desert birds & hummingbirds), four afternoon/evening photography sessions, in photo-blinds . There is one optional session for photographing bats in the evening. Six hummingbird species are possible and over 40 other species. We'll be based out of Green Valley for all four days. The workshops will begin at 5 PM on April 25th with an orientation to bird photography. Two days will focus on Arizona desert birds and will be in photo-blinds near Green Valley, the next two days will be in Madera Canyon, with half of the focus will be on hummingbirds and the other on the birds of Madera Canyon. Limited to four (4) workshop participants!

Greater Sage-Grouse near Malheur Natioanl Wildlife Refuge.

Malheur NWR Spring - Starting in April there's an incredible amount and diversity of birds migrating through the high desert plains of Central Oregon. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the Burns area are an incredibly productive area this time of year. Sandhill cranes, gulls, shorebirds, songbirds and raptors all converge in this area, and there's a Greater Sage-Grouse lek nearby too. With the open terrain of the high desert at Burns, Oregon and in and around Malheur National Wildlife Refuge there is an adundance of photographic opportunities on this photography workshop. Learn more about landscape and bird photography during this four day workshop. Limited to three (3) workshop participants.

Palouse Earth Patterns-3442

The Palouse During Harvest - While the Palouse is fabulous in the spring with all the greens and reds of the barns, I think the harvest is even more spectacular. The golden wheat fields, huge harvesting machinery, along with the old farm equipment, barns, and of course all the endless patterns. The photographic opportunities are endless, the skies bluer, and the sunsets more intense in late July during harvest. But as always, the Palouse Falls is just incredible. Four and a half days of photography with four morning and five afternoon/evening sessions. We'll do some post-processing in the mid-day (if and when time allows), limited to 5 participants, so you get a lot of attention and help creating those incredible images. Learn landscape photography, HDR and much more.