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Testimonials from Workshop Participants

"Some photographers inspire me to emulate their fabulous work. Some teachers inspire me to reach new heights of excellence. Some artist bring so much beauty to the world. Tim Boyer - you are THAT GUY!! " Laurie B. 


Mick Thompson received the number 2 spot in the Top 100 of the 2017 Audubon Photography Awards Contest with an image taken on the SE Arizona Bird Photography Workshop!


"Thanks again for putting together a fantastic workshop. I had a great trip seeing a lot of new birds and having the chance of photographing them. Seeing and photographing the gorgeous scenery in the Nome areas was a great plus along with the other wildlife in the area."  Doug C.


"I picked up some really nice gems of knowledge on photogrpahing birds." Janet W.


"Thank you for a wonderful day! I'm so happy. Some wonderful shots! Thanks, Tim, for a great one-on-one lesson today. Your suggestions for practicing and growing into my gear will resonate. Looking forward to your workshops -- Bosque, Malheur, Palouse... See you Soon."  Gwen B & Mary B.


"I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you again for another great photography workshop." Tom


"A great Workshop! The workshop was everything I had hoped for and them some. The bonus was the focus sessions on Lightroom."   Mel H.


"Thank you for a fantastic workshop. We had great fun, and thanks for the Adobe LightRoom instruction."  Doug C.


"....thanks for a fabulous workshop. Such a great time and I, too, have a ton of images.  BEST workshop EVER, Tim !"  Lauri B.


"It was great to be abe to see the birds we saw and have the opportunity to photograph them with you. I appreciate all the information you provided for photographing birds. Looking forward to taking some other workshops..."  Doug C.


"Thanks for the terrific workshop."  Pat R.


"I really enjoyed the workshop. The hummingbird studio was a real treat". Mel H.