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bird of prey

Merlin on the Washington Coast

Bird PhotographyTim Boyer

While there are probably Merlin on the Washington Coast at Ocean Shores each year, some years they're easier to find. In October I found Merlins on three out of four days, which was the highest percentage of sightings I've had in 10 years of going to the coast looking for them.  Here's a little tribute to them. 

My encounters with Merlin on the Washington Coast over three days in October 2017.

Coastal Peregrine

Bird PhotographyTim Boyer

A short video on a Peregrine Falcon that I found scavenging on a gull carcass in October 2017.  This is the third time I've watched a peregrine scavenge a carcass on the Washington Coast. We normally think about them just snatching ducks and small birds out of the air, but when they can or need to they scavenge - predators and opportunist. 

An encounter with a Coastal Peregrine Falcon on the Washington Coast. More information on peregrines scavenging food on the Washington Coast can be found on the CoastalRaptors.org website.