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Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge

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Black-necked Stilt with 3 chicks
Black-necked Stilt with 3 chicks

About Black-necked Stilts:

There are two major groups of shorebirds, the plovers and the sandpipers.  Black-necked Stilts along with American Avocets and the two Oystercatchers don't belong to either of these groups.  I commonly refer to them as the misfits, when teaching shorebird identification classes.  The female Black-necked Stilt generally has more brown on her back as the one in this image and the males are more jet black in plumage.  These are very loud birds with their constant calling, a kek, kek, kek.  The latin name is Himantopus mexicanus and while they don't have vociferus in its name like the Killdeer, they are similar in their alert calls.  Look for Black-necked Stilts in fresh water ponds,marshes or wetlands in the summer.

About the Photography:

Couldn't get as low as I would have liked, since I was using the car as a blind. The long focal length of the 600mm Canon lens helps reduce the perspective and give the impression that the angle is lower.   The technical data: Canon EOS 7D, 600mm lens with ISO 800, F4 at 1/500 of a second.  Taken approximately 8 PM, there wasn't a lot of light left.