Shorebird Migration On The Washington Coast

It’s late June so now is when things start to change again, shorebird migration on the Washington Coast is starting. First, the failed breeders will start showing up then the breeding adults will start to trickle southward. As we get into July more and more adult birds will start returning to the coast, and finally, […]

How to Manage Light Throughout the Day

Three shooting locations and three different light situations, by managing the light, shadows, angle the light was striking the birds, it all works.  The beautiful warm light of early morning and late afternoon are best, but not always possible so let’s  figure out how to work with what we have.   On foggy mornings it’s […]


As photographers do we just go out and photograph what’s there or do we expect to see certain birds in certain locations?  The habitat was right, the birds that I had photographed five times before in the same location were not there.  Why?  What changes, recent storms, climate change, who knows?  In the past two […]

It’s All About Habitat

14 species of shorebirds at the mouth of the San Diego River and then three more at the Tijuana Slough NWR! A 17 species shorebird day!   We had the usual shorebirds at the San Diego River, plus this year we had Surfbird, Ruddy Turnstone, and Yellowlegs.  This is a great location for birders and […]

Pelicans & Sea Lions – San Diego Photo Workshop

How to  shoot on a cloudy day.   This image was shot and then cropped tight to eliminate the cloudy gray background.  1/800 of a second, f/5.6 at ISO 1600.  Created using the Canon 5D Mark III and a 600 mm lens.  I used the  5D Mark III because there is less digital or luminance […]

Bird Quest 2014 #20

Ocean Shores Ruff! Last month I spent four days around Grays Harbor photographing shorebirds and teaching a Fall Shorebird Photography Workshop.  Here are the new birds for the year from that outing.  I spent most of my time at Ocean Shores, since the first day I drove from the beach access point by the Best […]

Fall Harvest in the Palouse

While this was my second time photographing in the Palouse, I enjoyed it so much more this time.  It was fun to drive around and explore the backcountry roads and there was a fair amount of excitement anticipating what was coming around the next curve in the road, or over the top of the next […]

Shooting Slow

Long exposures can smooth out water, create an evocative mood, add depth and emotion to an image, intensify colors, and can force us to slow down and think about what we’re creating. When I think about this image, really I feel it.  The stillness grabs me and pulls me into this image; I feel like […]

Bird Quest 2014 #19

Still catching up from the bird photography tour of Central Oregon  —  Malheur National Wildlfie Refuge — Cabin Lake Photography Workshop.  Here are eight new birds for this year.   It’s always fun to see the White-headed Woodpecker.  Black, white and the male red patch ont he back of the head, a cool looking bird. […]

Bird Quest 2014 #18

What happens when you mix Cascade Pine Forest, the high desert sage eco-system of Eastern Oregon and a little water?  ….An incredible variety of birds!  Heres the first eight of the sixteen birds I added to this years list.       I confess I’ve wanted to get a good Western Tanager image for years, […]

Bird Quest 2014 #17

Last year it was about this time that I got so busy doing art shows that I thought I didn’t have enough time to make new images and post them.  This year, I’m doing a few less shows and want to get out more.  So, I have two or three more posts from Central Oregon, […]

Bird Quest 2014 #16

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in June can be a contrast of bounty.  In a wet year, the baby shorebirds and song birds are right beside the road and so plentiful it’s hard to decide what to take a photo of.  In a dry year , the birds are there, they’re just harder to find and […]

Bird Quest 2014 #15

Memorial Day Weekend means go east for those of us who live in western Washington. The Old Vantage Highway, Wenas/Umptanum Roads all are at their best on this last weekend of May.   As soon as the male was headed back to the nest box with food, the female jumped out and sat on the […]

Bird Quest 2014 #12

Shorebird migration continues on the Washington Coast.  This past week — Wednesday and Thursday there was great weather on the Washington Coast and while there were fewer birds than a week ago, there are still thousands and thousands of shorebirds out there.   I use the car as a photo blind a lot, and this […]

Bird Quest 2014 #6

Skagit Flats is home to many raptors in the winter and on January 18th I was able to photograph Rough-legged Hawks and a Barred Owl.     Ya gotta love winter in Washignton, the sun might not come out for a few weeks at a time, but the birds are fantastic.   It was getting […]

Bird Quest 2014 #5

It’s a little strange to go birding and do some bird photography in a dog park.  But the San Diego River estuary and a dog park co-exist.  For the past two years I’ve been able to photograph Little Blue Herons there.  For me it’s a special bird I don’t get to see very often. These […]

Bird Quest 2014 #4

Santee Lakes on day three of the Southern California Bird Photography Workshop  I led on Janaury 9th (yes, I’m still catching up on posting) Warm weather and lot of ducks!   The weird thing about Ring-necked Ducks is they should have been called “Ring-billed” Ducks.  The white ring on the bill is far more distinct […]

Bird Quest 2014 #3

A side benefit of birding and bird photography is the mornings.  Getting up before dawn, watching the day begin, the light on the horizon changes from black to blues, then from blues to lavendar and pink.  Mornings are special, dawn and birds awaken and there’s just something tranquil and peaceful about mornings.   I’ve heard […]

Bird Quest 2014

A warm day and cool birds! Day 2 of my California trip I went to La Jolla, and Scripps Beach, for the pelican and the shorebirds, that can be found there. There are also Brandt’s and Double Crested Cormorants.     Just south of the La Jolla Caves, there’s some beach access that often holds […]

Bird Quest 2014

Last year I wanted to photograph 500 species of birds.  Well that was an audacious goal, and I didn’t even come close.  So, this year I want to chronicle how many species I see and try to do better than last year.  But I have some catching up to do for January and February.   […]

Birding/Photo Project #7 & San Diego Workshop Images

Twelve birds from the  last day of the San Diego workshop. These images chronicle the last day of the San Diego Workshop  (January 11th). This brings me to 50 for the month. But more than the numbers,  it’s the great expeiences I’ve had.  The surpise of seeing and spending time with the Little Blue Heron, the […]

Birding/Photo Project #6 & More San Diego Images

Magical sunrise at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. While Bolsa Chica is a legend in the birding and bird photography communities, I did not fair so well in my San Diego Workshop trip.  The sunrise was magical, and I created the pan blur below.  Some days it’s just better to enjoy the view.       […]

Birding/Photo Project #5 & San Diego Workshop Images

These images were created on the banks of the San Diego River, and at Cabrillo National Monument as part of the San Diego Workshop.   Having never photographed Wrentits, Little Blue Herons or California Towhees, this was a fun day.  California Towhee was a new bird for my life list as well.   The tally […]

Birding/Photo Project #4 & San Diego Workshop Images

These images were taken on Jnauary 7th during the San Diego Workshop. We spent a full day shooting at Santee Lakes, the birds were cooperative and very close at times. This has to be one of the best locations in San Diego County to photograph birds.                   […]