Canon 7D MarkII

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Bird Photography

#1 Get Outside Early The number one thing you can do to improve your bird photography is to make/create your images within two hours after sunrise. The light is the best then, soft and warm yellow tones and the birds are their most active.  If you can’t make it outside that early, you could shoot […]

Snowy Plover – Directional versus Quality of Light

It was just after noon that I came across this Snowy Plover today.  So the light was not the typically sweet morning or later afternoon light that warms up an image, that I like.  But by putting the sun directly on the face and eye of the bird I was still able to get a […]

Lesser Sand Plover

These images were taken yesterday on August 16th at Ocean Shores, WA. On the outer coast near the Quinault Casino.  This was a field trip sponsored by the Seattle Audubon, and there were nine of us on the trip.  Later the bird was seen by two other birders see — eBird for those details. We […]

Ferruginous Hawk aka My Nemesis Bird

Finally and what a great opportunity. The last weekend of the Seattle Audubon Master Birder Class was a fieldtrip to Eastern Washington.  Our instructor Dennis Paulson had a surprise for us!  While it was 10 AM when we were at the nest site, the haze didn’t detract from the amazing sense of awe I felt […]

Spring Malheur NWR Workshop Report

Spring migration is always fabulous, and at Malheur NWR this year despite the general lack of water there were more then enough birds to make us very happy photographers!  There were five male Greater Sage-Grouse on the lek, but no females.  But this in better then the first year after the fire that swept through […]

Winter Birds of the Skagit & Samish Flats Workshop Update

Wow what a winter, it’s quieted down, but at one time there were half a dozen or more Short-eard Owls, two Long-eared Owls and a swarm of Northern Harriers just south of the Skagit.  Then there was almost an irruption of Rough-legged Hawks this year.  More then I’ve seen in a long time. I did […]

San Diego January Workshop Images

We had such a great workshop in San Diego County this year, that it’s hard to know which images to show you.  Here’s a sample, I hope you enjoy them. We found some Black Skimmers this year and it was fun to spend time with them. They are such unusual birds!  The bill when viewed […]

San Diego Woskhop 1/6/15

This was my fourth workshop and sixth trip to the wonderful San Diego area for wintering birds, some warm weather and a lot of fun.  Here are a few images from the first couple of days.   There’s just something calming and peacful about the sunrises in La Jolla.  Every time on on the cliffs […]

Skagit – Samish Workshop 1-2-15

Sometimes you just have to wait.  Inbetween groups of photographers and birders there was a time when there were only a few people around and this owl decided to move up in the tree.  It gave me a clear shot but only lasted a minute or two. In the trees and bushes next to the […]

How to Set up the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Part 3 — Auto Focus and Flight Photography

  There are several things to like right off the bat with the new Canon 7D Mark II; the fast frames per second as mentioned earlier, and the fast acquiring of the subject. I also like the 65 Auto Focus Points and the almost full frame coverage they offer. There are a lot of options […]

How to Setup the Canon 7D Mark II — Part II

In this section, we’ll talk about the other camera settings I use that were not covered in Part I when the camera menus were discussed. In Part III we’ll discuss the Auto Focus Selections and Modes.     TOP OF THE CAMERA The Mode Dial: Set the Camera Mode to AV. AV is Aperture Priority […]

Canon 7D Mark II Review Post #2

A real review by an in-the-field photographer. I am primarily a bird photographer, so the ASP-C sensor size is a plus for me, so this isn’t about full frame versus smaller size sensor.  For me it’s about shooting action, motion, focusing quickly and accurately and about getting the bird large enough in the frame.  Since […]

How to set up your Canon 7D Mark II For Bird Photography Part 1

  This is part one of at least a three part series. This is the basic menu settings and which ones to turn on, off or how to set them. Part 2 will cover all the remaining camera settings, and then Part 3 will cover Auto Focusing.  Part 1 Menu Settings We’ll go through the […]

Canon 7D Mark II Post #1 — First Shoot Review

These are my first images with the new Canon 7D Mark II.  If you have this camera the first thing you need to know is Lightroom 5 or any Adobe product will not be able to download and preview a RAW file.  You will need to shoot RAW & Large JPEG or use the Canon […]